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Hear See & Speak

Image result for great explorersThere was a time in human history in which a person could still explore unknown territory on this planet, and risk life and limb for adventure or the pursuit of the unknown.

The internet is like an imaginative realm of exploration, but most explorations are funded and granted by larger more powerful entities. However, the independent explorers do not go unnoticed.

Social media exposes the truth. Monitoring social media exposes who is intelligent enough to see it. The virtual and real world are no different from each other to the masterminds who wish to control both. The internet is occupied and "managed" by the same coercive manipulation that has micromanaged all human activity in every sector throughout time...

The Silencing of Dissent - Article by

So the other shoe just dropped. Social media sentiment analysis is already a creepy thing, but...

I started blogging the Flying Ragdoll as a "vent" page for when I needed to air my own opinion about the sordid crap I would find out about -- political philosophical comical journal to keep my newsfeed on Facebook from turning into an endless shitstorm of stupidity and conviction. The irony is, I didn't seek out a blog for followers, yet the analytics of my page over the past few years is telling.

Image result for nsa meme donald trumpThe more I was discovering about our fucked up world, the more I would write whatever was on my brain in my blog. Anyone who might be interested could view it. I started this in 2011 and by the end of last year had 350 (+) blog posts of every possible subject. Like an old wardrobe, I just deleted all of them last month and cleaned house, but not before reviewing my analytics page...for the first time.

Now here is the creepy thing -- I have no followers, but my analytic page was profoundly startling. The most controversial topics had views through the roof. I didn't think much of it at first because I'm a military brat. We grew up knowing every conversation on the phone was monitored for words like "president" and the NSA may be privy to the convo the minute the word was spoken. The internet has literally obliterated the formality of that time. So is it unusual that online monitoring is also prevalent? No. It is no surprise that topics like "Monsanto poisoning us" garners attention. It is quite possible the very lab coats themselves seek to undermine every mention of their name online, and/or limit search engine directives by filtering and redirecting negative reviews.

Image result for skeletons in the closetWhen "terrorism" became the new voice of America, and social media the new form of communication, it seemed to me this recipe set the stage for pulling "weeds".

People can be (and probably are) targeted for being linked to any agency considered suspicious including the FB groups we join, our collective of "likes", and online connections with others, as well as any other monitored interests. The words we subscribe to and use define us via our newsfeeds, tweets, blog posts, search engines, etc. and online conversation is a likely avenue for acquiring data that falls under the heading of suspicious activity alerting national security or warranting disapproval by the powers that be, journalists being no exception.

What better way to silence free-thinkers than to obscure their relatively small yet impactful voice with titles that are considered nationally subjective? Let's just label RT network as a foreign agent because why? because they cover socially controversial topics both foreign and domestic and all free-thinking that accompanies it. Not abiding by scripted indoctrination means you are not compliant. 

Image result for nsa memeWe already have shady policies for dealing with international entities who pose a threat of terrorism. Suspected characters automatically fall outside civilian legal system protections (what is left of them). Terrorists are penalized in whatever manner seen fit by federal agencies. What better way to marginalize the voices of truth seekers, whose voices are detrimental to corporate objectives, than to start a lynching measure of terrorist proportion with operations to eliminate foreign agents on domestic soil?

Keep in mind that all presidencies leading to our current president endorsed every obscene counter-terrorist measure as a means for dealing with national threats as well as firmly implementing strategies to undermine public policy in the direction of martial law... 

Image result for nsa meme donald trumpSo while sentiment analysis is a marketing tool for online brand performance and communication to achieve favor with audiences, the flip-side is that these algorithmic searches can also be crafted as a government (corporate) "containment" of unwanted sentiments.

The virtual drones that spy on every word iterated from the keyboard under the crafty title of social media marketing tools have multiple incentives. Apparently wrangling in free-thinking and obliterating the usefulness of platforms that sustain it is on the list. How is this accomplished? Convince the public that what you have to offer serves them, then use it against them.

Nothing holds up better than the truth even when it is being shot down as a foreign agent. Authenticity and integrity unnerves liars and true journalism is a worthy calling.

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Sleight of Hand

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Real Boys and Puppets

The petition floating around to impeach President Donald Trump ignores the facts...

Image result for ken doll

We need to fix our corrupted government infrastructure and get money out of politics or it won't matter who is in the puppet-seat. We are already completely unhinged as a nation and this last election proves it. The real issue is whether we are able to see that the presidential role doesn't determine policy -- money does. 

The silent fourth branch of the government is why we have corrupt elected officials and lobbyists perpetuating the schemes to manipulate the public via media and marketing. Most of the nation is pumped full of sugar and willing to believe the lies they are fed just to maintain a feasible lifestyle and avoid the stress of having to see the truth. They elected Daddy Warbucks into office because they want someone to take care of them and/or blame. He fulfills both roles.

If our nation was awake and ready for change, they would have ditched the two-party LIE and voted outside their Happy Meal Box for a world that gives a shit. People thrive on conflict. Most people who sign this petition are on the hate-bandwagon of blame and don't even consider their own position as citizens who are responsible for their government. They either think they can't do anything and succumb to the world as it is, or they throw a tantrum about what they don't like. Either way, they are not contributing to the CHANGES that really need to occur in order for our nation to re-establish itself as a FREE society.

Freedom doesn't come with a price-tag. That is a myth. We were all born free and enslaved by a monetary value-system that puts profit ahead of humanity. When money serves the higher humanity, it can be a powerful system benefiting planet and all its inhabitants; but when guided by greed and fear, money is the root of all suffering. 

Donald Trump is just one human being and although he is in the role of leadership, he is not the sole proprietor of our nation and our footprint on the planet. Every consumer is voting our lives away every day by what they buy and how they live and how they treat other people. Donald Trump's position in the White House is like changing a baby's diaper -- you put a new one on and it get's shit in again.

DYT - Dress Your "TYPE" or "Truth"?

Hmmm. She looks like K A T I E   M C G R A T H  (?) who I believe is a T Y P E 4 (for all intents and purposes of referencing this "guide" or "system" of DYT). I'm curious as to why she didn't consider Type 4 because most Type 4's can wear EVERY Type and will go through that thorough exploration and be profoundly frustrated with the course (or in denial of who they are, thinking they are not perfect enough to be a Type their quest for perfecting their look and thinking somehow they are not "good enough".)  Is her birthday in late December, January, February, or the first part of March? Winter people are born in those months. Autumn people are later September, October, November, and beginning December. Just my observation in participating and acknowledging the finer nuances of this 'program'.

Kate's Type 3 Makeover
This is where I have difficulty with the implementation of this "system" because I think Carol is a 4/3 throwing off everyone's perception of who they are. . . The system itself aligns with nature, but Carol describes Type 3 energy as "pushy" and "forceful" which in it of itself would be received that way by other energies. A Type 4 would experience their secondary Type 3 nature as a "push" because they are the stillest movement.

Carol can rock the Type 3 because she has it secondary, so if she did the same thing in black and white, imagine the "results" (a word used by 4's...) Her posture and movements are balanced. She stands her ground. She's not "swift and dynamic" -- she's bold and impressionable. When I met Carol, it was a greeting of her withdrawing back and then coming forward (her energy). My energy is to go right in and then back up (the opposite), because I am a December (early) birthday 3/4 energy (3/4 being Autumn).

A Type 3 secondary 4 will feel the discernment and perfecting attributes of the secondary 4 energy refining their action-oriented self. The Type 4/3 will feel the "push" from their secondary action-oriented self driving their still 4ness.

And what about the DYT crew?

Image result for supergirlI think Anne is a Type 3/2 who is intimidated by her mom and kind of taking this hushed backseat to the Type 3 world because her mother in her 4/3ness is dominating it...Anne would look great in Kate's video make-over outfit!  Anne is the same Type (guessing) as Melissa Benoist who is an Autumn gal herself with a birthday of early October--translation a Type 3/2.

Image result for dress your truth anne tuttle
Anne in all four DYT "Types" 1-4
Image result for supergirl

Carol Tuttle
I think a lot of Type 2's are actually 3's who don't think they are 3's because they follow Anne's example, and a lot of Type 4's follow Carol's example. So here is why many  are floundering about in confusion. Anne wears Type 2 like a Type 3 and Carol Tuttle wears Type 3 like a Type 4.

Type 3's are the mover's and shakers like the wind during the Fall months -- emotional and erratic, blowing all the leaves around and shifting into Winter. A Type 4 would be slowing things down, settling in, grounding itself in the transition from 3/4 and 4/3 (December into January through mid-March). It's an equinox solstice phasing thing - a.k.a. nature!

Carol Tuttle in Stunning Contrast
Carol Tuttle Winter color

Primary Colors
I suspect Carol's birthday is late December - Winter - 4/3 and that Kate is a Type 4 as well (perhaps a different secondary depending on her birthday), and therefore why Carol sees Kate as she see's herself miss "typing" her a 3 instead of a 4.

Image result for dyt carol tuttle images
Carol Tuttle DYT Types 1-4
Could the biggest Type 4 in the room be in denial of who she is (?) Carol practically scoffed at her Type 4 'trial' when wearing all 4 Types in her own program. I think there is some evidence in this comical mock-up that some "healing" is needed within herself regarding her Type 4 nature (!)

Image result for marlene dietrich
Think of late December birthday Marlene Dietrich

Carol Tuttle Type 3
Carol Tuttle Type 4
If Carol Tuttle were to take the outfit she is wearing and put it in black and white high-contrast (or dress like Kaite McGrath above, who is rocking the Type 4/3 attire) with the Type 4 bold colors she is always almost wearing (eh-hem) with Type 4 makeup, the same massive bold Type 4 jewelry in silver, same hair with Type 4 highlighting, she'd blow the roof off that room because she's a stunning woman in denial with an awesome Type 3 secondary "pushing her" forward...Carol is already showing her 4 self, just in a very 3/4 way -- it's that "almost" but "not quite" thing that has got everyone confused (!)

So what does that make Kate?
Kate's Before Type 2

Kate's After Type 3
Kate's high contrast version of her Type 2 before picture gives evidence that she is quite stoic and bold. The Type 3 make-over is even more empowering, but it isn't doing her proper justice! How about Type 4? I would be curious to see if she is a Type 4/2, 4/3, or 4/1 or secondary 4 because that is what appears to be a prominent element in her movement and "energy". Her birthday and place of birth would reveal her "truth" despite the argument that there is no "system" for discovering your energy profile. The feel-in-the-dark journey is a great way to heal wounded interpretations of ourselves, I'm just not so sure Carol has reached the end of her long journey!

Type 4's are notorious for looking great in 3 clothing...but most look great in EVERYTHING-- that's why a lot of them are supermodels-- they can "try on" every energy Type and "look the part" like actors. I think this is the primary reason why Carol Tuttle literally mocked all other styles in her own Type 1-4 makeover comparison. Being a Type 4 is equivalent to putting on the "face" for the world to see, and mastering it. A Type 4 will also be highly critical of their own features, so much so, that they may dismiss themselves as not being "perfect enough" to be a Type 4 (!) Carol hones in on her Type 3 secondary features and completely overlooks her prominent Type 4 features. So, wouldn't it be interesting if the person whose fabulous system really is insightful and beneficial to the world maybe had a slight blind-spot about herself?

Facial Profiling

I am of the firm consideration that ANY system of credibility will hold up to what may be perceived as criticism or skepticism, or simple honest observation (...) because in questioning and analyzing our own position, we come closer to any viable TRUTH which is not always as black & white as we may want it to be or try to make it (!)

Image result for jamie lee curtis
Black and white compartmentalization is very Type 4. It's all or nothing. It is "get to the point" simplicity. The "get it done" mantra for "results" with a "push" is 4/3 energy.

Type 3s are doing. They do. Period. Type 3s master their doing via their secondary. A Type 3 with a Type 4 secondary will take it all in make a huge lovely mess in their doing impetuous nature and then refine it with a discipline that is credited to the Type 4. How is that different than a Type 4/3? A Type 4 with a Type 3 energy will be "substantial" and "bold" feeling a "push" from their Type 3.

Carol Tuttle is doing a Jamie Lee Curtis "look", but Jamie Lee Curtis is a November birthday Type 3/1. Walt Disney is an early December Type 3/4 able to create a world of vivid imagination and leave a monumental lasting imprint as his legacy to the world which is a trademark characteristic of other Type 3/4s such as 

Brook KellyNovember 23
Cyrus MileyNovember 23
Pierce FranklinNovember 23
Bundy TedNovember 24
Heigl KatherineNovember 24
Luciano Charles "Lucky"November 24
Roy ArundhatiNovember 24
Taylor ZacharyNovember 24
Applegate ChristinaNovember 25
Bush BarbaraNovember 25
Bush JennaNovember 25
Bush Twins TheNovember 25
Carnegie AndrewNovember 25
DiMaggio JoeNovember 25
Grant AmyNovember 25
Jasmine PrincessNovember 25
Kennedy John Jr.November 25
Montalban RicardoNovember 25
Nation CarryNovember 25
Pinochet AugustoNovember 25
Goss PorterNovember 26
Lil' FizzNovember 26
Schulz CharlesNovember 26
Turner TinaNovember 26
White Ellen G.November 26
Hendrix JimiNovember 27
Kennedy CarolineNovember 27
Lee BruceNovember 27
Nye BillNovember 27
Pawlenty TimNovember 27
The GameNovember 27
Blake WilliamNovember 28
ChamillionaireNovember 28
Engels FriedrichNovember 28
Harris EdNovember 28
Newman RandyNovember 28
Puig ManuelNovember 28
Smith Anna NicoleNovember 28
Stewart JonNovember 28
Alcott Louisa MayNovember 29
Cheadle DonNovember 29
Chirac JacquesNovember 29
Coen Brothers TheNovember 29
Doppler ChristianNovember 29
Emanuel RahmNovember 29
L'Engle MadeleineNovember 29
Lewis C.S.November 29
Napolitano JanetNovember 29
Nolin Gena LeeNovember 29
Strayhorn BillyNovember 29
Aiken ClayNovember 30
Chisholm ShirleyNovember 30
Churchill WinstonNovember 30
Clark DickNovember 30
Cuthbert ElishaNovember 30
Hoffman AbbieNovember 30
Hoover LarryNovember 30
Idol BillyNovember 30
Scott RidleyNovember 30
Stiller BenNovember 30
Summers Lawrence H.November 30
Twain MarkNovember 30
Allen WoodyDecember 01
Martin MaryDecember 01
Midler BetteDecember 01
Pryor RichardDecember 01
Silverman SarahDecember 01
Yamasaki MinoruDecember 01
Furtado NellyDecember 02
Haig AlexanderDecember 02
Liu LucyDecember 02
Seles MonicaDecember 02
Spears BritneyDecember 02
Versace GianniDecember 02
Conrad JosephDecember 03
Fraser BrendanDecember 03
Godard Jean-LucDecember 03
Hannah DarylDecember 03
Moore JulianneDecember 03
Osbourne OzzyDecember 03
Schiavo TerriDecember 03
Witt KatarinaDecember 03
Banks TyraDecember 04
Boyington PappyDecember 04
Bridges JeffDecember 04
Carlyle ThomasDecember 04
Jay-ZDecember 04
Tomei MarisaDecember 04
Wilson DennisDecember 04
Custer George ArmstrongDecember 05
Disney WaltDecember 05
Little RichardDecember 05
Muniz FrankieDecember 05
Pope Julius IIDecember 05
Van Buren MartinDecember 05
Apatow JuddDecember 06
LaHood RayDecember 06
Park NickDecember 06
Burstyn EllenDecember 07
Carter AaronDecember 07
Carter AngelDecember 07
Cather WillaDecember 07
Chapin HarryDecember 07
Chomsky NoamDecember 07
Knight TedDecember 07
Owens TerrellDecember 07
Waits TomDecember 07
Banville JohnDecember 08
Basinger KimDecember 08
Carradine DavidDecember 08
Davis Sammy Jr.December 08
Hatcher TeriDecember 08
Kinison SamDecember 08
Morrison JimDecember 08
O'Connor SineadDecember 08
Rivera DiegoDecember 08
Thurber JamesDecember 08
Whitney EliDecember 08
Daschle TomDecember 09
Dench JudiDecember 09
DioGuardi KaraDecember 09
Douglas KirkDecember 09
Hamilton MargaretDecember 09
Huffman FelicityDecember 09
Malkovich JohnDecember 09
Masako PrincessDecember 09
Milton JohnDecember 09
Blagojevich RodDecember 10
Dewey MelvilDecember 10
Dickinson EmilyDecember 10
Kenney DouglasDecember 10
Raven-SymonDecember 10
Kerry JohnDecember 11
La Guardia FiorelloDecember 11
Mos DefDecember 11
Thornton Willie MaeDecember 11
Austin TracyDecember 12
Barker BobDecember 12
Connelly JenniferDecember 12
Jay JohnDecember 12
Robinson Edward G.December 12
Sinatra FrankDecember 12
Warwick DionneDecember 12
Bernanke BenDecember 13
Buscemi SteveDecember 13
Foxx JamieDecember 13
Lee AmyDecember 13
Lincoln Mary ToddDecember 13
Nugent TedDecember 13
Shultz GeorgeDecember 13
Swift TaylorDecember 13
Van Dyke DickDecember 13
Vilsack ThomasDecember 13
Brahe TychoDecember 14
Doolittle James HaroldDecember 14
Duke PattyDecember 14
Hudgens Vanessa AnneDecember 14
King George VIDecember 14
NostradamusDecember 14
Owen MichaelDecember 14
Brody AdamDecember 15
Herrion ThomasDecember 15
Johnson DonDecember 15
Austen JaneDecember 16
Bratt BenjaminDecember 16
Catherine of AragonDecember 16
Clarke Arthur C.December 16
Dick Philip K.December 16
Kandinsky WassilyDecember 16
Davy Sir HumphryDecember 17
Jovovich MillaDecember 17
Wolff NatDecember 17
Bakker JayDecember 18
Davis OssieDecember 18
DMXDecember 18
Grable BettyDecember 18
Holmes KatieDecember 18
Klee PaulDecember 18
Liotta RayDecember 18
Moon WilliamDecember 18
Pitt BradDecember 18
Richards KeithDecember 18
Lorena Corredor - Celebrity Fashion StylistDecember 18
Sanchez Vicario ArantxaDecember 18
Spielberg StevenDecember 18
Stratus TrishDecember 18
Gyllenhaal JakeDecember 19
Jones James L.December 19
Milano AlyssaDecember 19
Piaf EdithDecember 19
Sapp WarrenDecember 19
Geller UriDecember 20
Hill JonahDecember 20
JoJoDecember 20
Delpy JulieDecember 21
Dick AndyDecember 21
Evert ChrisDecember 21
Fonda JaneDecember 21
Jackson Samuel L.December 21
Romano RayDecember 21
Saakashvili MikheilDecember 21
Stiles JackieDecember 21
Sutherland KieferDecember 21
West RebeccaDecember 21
Zappa FrankDecember 21

Walt Disney is a 3/4

Image result for walt disney images
Walter Elias "Walt" Disney was born on December 5, 1901
Related image

Audrey Hepburn falls into the late March and early April birthdays and is a 1/4 (!)

Audrey Hepburn has been "categorized" as a DYT Type 4 which makes me ponder whether the program also categorizes many Type 1's as 4's. It seems like people are living true to their Type, not their "truth".

Image result for question face

Image result for type 3 dytSarah Tuttle is most likely a late April into May birthday making her a 1/3, basically living her secondary 3 as her primary; but this is an assessment based on a hypothetical birthday season.

This is all speculation -- because any "system" deserves some healthy speculation -- and any truth will hold up to speculation if it's T R U E !