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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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Dressing Your Truth Do's & Don'ts

I began the DYT (Dressing Your Truth) program a couple of years ago after following Carol Tuttle's online energy chakra videos and reading her book  "Remembering Wholeness". I visited her seminar and book signing in Seattle while she was on tour and I had her sign my copy of "Remembering Wholeness". It's a great book! Her online energy profiling course is fun and exciting and has had a profound affect on the self-esteem of millions. I commend her for redirecting women to their own fashion-sense, sense of self-expression that often is swallowed by the dictates of the fashion industry.

Tour to Seattle - Book Signing & Picture
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Much of her self-proclaimed system involves nature and natural elements. It was hard not to see the obvious correlations between her "program" and already existing "systems" that have guided human activity for eons, beginning with our star charts, seasonal cycles, and human nature. So her course is offered as free and justly so -- anything more would be an exploitation of nature itself, right?!

Image result for carol tuttle booksImage result for carol tuttle booksImage result for carol tuttle books

It's difficult to support any industry that wishes to profit or exploit what is already a human attribute or God-given nature-providing essential characteristic or bond to the human collective. Obviously, all human activity currently abides by its own preordained structures, and ultimately we are the makers of many a human structure. One such structure is the human concept of supply and demand for which we utilize a reward system for our human contributions. All artists and artisans craft their designs and services and share them accordingly. I was skeptical about this program for these reasons.

Discrepancies are what lead me to seek my truth, for which I find to be more credible and readily available. We often pay for guidance when it is something already available and known to us, but as seekers, there will always be those who have gone before us manifesting new interpretations of prior evaluations to help us learn more, and the value is often worth paying for. So is her program worth it?

Image result for carol tuttle books

I was one on a quest for guidance, so here is my story: At the start of this free course, I "typed" myself into the designated compartment of a Type 2, relating mostly to my early childhood and sensitive nature (emotional sensitivity, allergies, creativity, shyness, social anxiety, etc.) and everything I had tried so hard not to be as a child and adolescent, crying myself into a healing corner of having neglected and hardened this part of my soul. I was grateful for the discovery. I found that perhaps this must be the energy which most correlated to my ascendant -- my astrological first house sign -- Leo transitioning to Virgo. I also thought that perhaps this decision was made in relationship to my moon sign Libra.

Why did I make this comparison to my astro data?

I have always been a soul-seeker and analyzer of human nature, so my predisposition is to search and relate and correlate data. Astrology, seasons, and nature has been a part of my human self-concept for as long as I can remember. Energy Profiling, for all intents and purposes, aligns with nature.

At the beginning, I followed the free online course and read all the books. I explored all the possibilities (like a Type 1), fettered over every detail (like a Type 2), reacted with conviction (like a Type 3), and finally challenged the entire program to the truth (like a Type 4). Then I paid for the online DYT access. I am to this day dismayed by this program.

My experience is that while this program is very much an intuitive process for many who are seeking healing and validation, this program is also crafted in such a manner as to leave its audience completed confused and discouraged and in the dark about who they are! Carol Tuttle can literally waive any commitment to this befuddlement by acknowledging that indeed, we all possess all four qualities, and it is a matter of personal revelation that we lead with one Type, a revelation of self for which we ourselves are responsible for assessing!

So my conclusion is this: What belongs to each of us is our unique sense of self! The self cannot be bought or borrowed or exchanged or determined by others, nor can it be found by blindly feeling the walls of an invisible world! Have we enlisted on a path to naked realization? or merely put on the Emperor's invisible clothes?! designed and authored by one who has adorned the self in naked unrealization?! The self is in fact in alignment with many natural factors that when explored are fascinating and ground-breaking for the individual. I love that Carol Tuttle invites persons of every temperament to enter this realm of discovery; however, I chastise any human who tags a dollar value to our truth which is free and unmarketable, beyond that of service and guidance to others. Truth is not for sale, and any true guide will not capitalize an unjust reward for it! I do not perceive Carol Tuttle to be phoney or untrue in her concepts or central purpose.

So I encourage everyone to dress your truth and to do so with the freedom that is warranted you with or without Carol's "self-help" Dress Your Truth program! And I also encourage you to embark on this discovery and to see and witness the synchronicity of many natural concepts, all of which Carol Tuttle herself has explored independently and thus offered her services as a beacon to many. The many topics include chakras, energy vibration, astro data, and seasonal influences, as well as herbal remedies, organic food, and holistic healing. Her books and program are valuable on many levels for those who are uncertain of where to begin. Many also seek knowledge for themselves independently.

I have created a pdf file for easy access to explore many synchronicities we possess in our human natures that have been explored prior to DYT. In comparison to the DYT program, there are many discrepancies for which I feel Carol Tuttle herself may be unaware or negligent of, and for which many find themselves frustrated in her program because they do not align fully with the actual energies or patterns of our world. It is a contradiction to imply that a system does not exist for evaluation, when in fact DYT is a system of evaluation! To categorize oneself into one of four energies is systematically accomplished by assessing movement and physical features and simplifying this data on specific terms. These same attributes do in fact correspond with nature and previous systems of evaluation. Energies do manifest themselves systematically in our world and are interpreted by many. The values attributed to decipher one's energy already exist and are referenced by many pre-existing analyzing tools such as star charts and the seasonal equinoxes and solstices. Nature has many dances on our souls for which interpretation has many voices in human history, and invariably, many colorful nuances which make us who we are.

Astrology has its roots in much of what Carol Tuttle professes to be "energy profiling"; energy profiling is more-or-less a feel-in-the-dark silhouette of astro-data. Astro data can be easily accessed and discerned with or without paying hundreds of dollars to Dress Your Truth. The DYT program scratches the surface of a much broader spectrum of self that is in fact astrological in nature. We are much more than the preordained typing of any "one" system or astrological interpretation of human psyche, as entertaining and validating as these concrete evidences may be on our journeys of self realization. So DO express your truth! but DON'T give in to frustration while on your own personal quest for self-expression, and remember you are more than any TYPE or typing tool (!) You are uniquely you! with many variables and attributes that define who you are, none singularly or dominantly. You are an integrated being in the state of human metamorphosis with many filters for expressing yourself in this vast universe of endless variables and complexity!

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