Monday, October 9, 2017

Cynthia Crawford – In Memory


And the Lion Ran Away to Narnia...

So, I don't know, call me a conspiracy theorist -- but wasn't PLUM ISLAND already a really bad thing?

I suppose we can expect a pandemic of national proportion anytime after 2022...hmmm. That gives us all about 5 years to secure international Visas and seek alternative oversees residences. Just saying -- having this sort of bio-lab on the 'mainland' is about as risky as fracking the ocean and not anticipating failure, which, eh-hem, has occurred. Wake up America. Either human beings have a serious blind-spot to their fallibility, or there are specific individuals engineering our demise -- deliberately sabotaging and diminishing the human populace under the guise of 'Safety' and 'Science'. Uhg...not to even scratch the surface of the despicable experiments that will be performed in this facility, the vaccines that will be credited as 'Safe' and necessary, etc. National Security my ass. Dorothy, pack your bags and head to Oz.

"Operations Will Begin in 2022. DHS is developing a plan to provide a seamless transition from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) to NBAF that includes an overlap of operations to ensure no interruption of the critical science mission and operational capabilities. Construction activities are underway, facility commissioning will be completed in May 2021, and the facility will be fully operational in December 2022. Current operations at PIADC will continue until the mission is transitioned to NBAF in 2023." NBAF publication

Looks like I'm not the only one that thinks this is a bad idea...

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Many people are still shouting from the rafters that the election was rigged

The problem is the DNC and GOP. Citizens don't need either to make critical decisions about our government leadership. These two fabricated agencies are in alliance with monetary dictatorship. Corporate allegiance is the silent fourth branch of our government eating away at our national heritage. It's easy to have tunnel vision about this when people are still caught up in the myth of a two-party system, when the actuality is that many candidates were and are much more suitable for presidency, only, they have gone unnoticed because they don't foot the hefty political bill ($); this is why Bernie is a sell-out. He may have won the loyalty and dynamic crowd applause, but he launched his campaign within the vice-grip of the DNC. He was on the chopping block from the start. Everyone wants to act like we have this pristine fail-proof system of election when the truth is, we don't even have a legitimate process or protocol for screening individuals who QUALIFY for presidency(!) We do more when we're sending monkeys into outer-space then we do when electing a president(!) The truth is, the role of president is no small position of 'employment' and it certainly isn't a popularity contest(!) Until we adjust our protocols for initiating an individual to this notable seat, (rigorous psychological, social, mental, emotional, health, etc. criteria should be met to even be a candidate) nothing will change. Today, what we have is a political freak-show where anyone with a fat wallet-book and a multi-media entourage or southern lineage dating George Washington can boast national leadership regardless of sanity or education (...) It's unlikely that this will change until the nation wakes up and realizes this is a government OF, FOR, and BY the PEOPLE -- who for all intents and purposes are RESPONSIBLE for their votes, their voting system, and their voting system of management. The first way to address a problem is to admit we have one.

Sadly, Bernie had the opportunity to shift to Green Party, but ignored the gesture most likely because the DNC's leverage is a financial guillotine. He's no JFK. He was a marked man, and if he had accepted this olive branch, most likely, he would have won the election and established a break-thru in the two-party lie; but it also most likely would have cost him his life. What it would take (granted we all even make it to another election) is the entire nation voting for someone who does not subscribe to any media acclaim or party investors other than the people themselves. This is what the Green Party tried to do -- unsuccessfully. Media smeared Jill Stein from the start and squashed any chance of any other "party" gaining public recognition with the golden stamp being "If you don't vote Dem or Rep, you are throwing your vote away!" -- fear mongering.

The truth is, all people have to do is vote their conscience. Most people voted the "lesser of two evils" which is why we still have a shitty government. We've been voting this way for eons now and nothing is going to change until WE CHANGE (...) People want their drive-thru elections of convenience where they don't have to think very hard and they can just pick one of two choices on the menu.

I say, eat at home! Think for yourself! and pick the person who is a credit to the title.  Who is THAT person? Well, it's not the one you see on TV riding up in limousines and walking down red carpets, that's your first clue (>>>)

Voting for an infantile millionnaire to shut down the DNC has it's slow grueling yet unforeseen repercussions, but that being said, the action is consistent with the state of our nation. People in America are obsessed with a false dream of acquisition and financial gain with little or no remorse for how that is achieved. (Old government infrastructure) and the most we have done is admitted that we have skeletons in our closet. People still seem to want to avoid taking the reigns of a people's government -- they want someone else to take care of them, Daddy Warbucks -- but he can't save our nation. He's the equivalent of the scared little man in the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain, or rather, a Twitter account.

   Who me?

Show a little patriotic backbone (if we get a next time) and maybe things will change (...)

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Things You Do Every Day that Show Your Energy Type

Things You Do Every Day that Show Your Energy Type: What is one thing you do every day that shows your Energy Type? In this episode of my talk show, #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, I'm here with the Dressing Your Truth Experts as we talk about ways our true energy shows up in our daily lives.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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We often pay for guidance when it is something already available and known to us, but as seekers, there will always be those who have gone before us manifesting new interpretations of prior evaluations to help us learn more, and the value is often worth paying for. So is her program worth it?

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Here is another more ancient criteria of self-evaluation based on astro-data and the interpretation of personal traits based on the stars. It is human nature to seek our connection with our natural world.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fame Game

It's All Good - Right?

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